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Ranging from - 9, our Kids Clubs are designed for kids 6-12 years old, and available in four different colors: green, orange, blue and purple. In just a few clicks, your birthday party will be set and ready for the kids to enjoy!

To make this offer even more special, we’re throwing in a Topgolf Gift Card with any purchase of Kids Golf Clubs. Check Availability & Pricing Online booking for kids parties is available for groups of 12-18 kids (ages 12 and under).

Liberation from the classroom would spawn a dozen or more games at once creating an atmosphere of excitement that rivaled that of any latter-day sport.

They’re eager to share everything there is to know about the little spheres—the simplest of toys—that engender more wistfulness than any plaything in memory.

Most arrived well versed in the game but a few were unfamiliar.

There were loose interpretations of some rules, and the more arbitrary were often settled in a scuffle.

At its height of popularity during WWII, the game played down in the dirt of every schoolyard was preferred over all others.

It was traditional, but economically prompted as well.

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