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Much of the storyline revolves around whether Chip will screw over his best friend and begin dating the woman with whom he is smitten, London (Ruth Kearney). There’s a decent cast here (Annabeth Gish, Kirstie Alley, and Heather Graham also show up), and a great deal of talent behind the camera.Unfortunately, little of that talent translates into what’s onscreen.This work is registered with UK Copyright Service Registration No: 284709028 The Shetland Christian family, here in our Islands, has a truly multi-faceted and diverse history and even the ‘Here and Now’ of our Church life today is a healthy mix of Services, Home Meetings, various Styles of Praise and Worship, and Social Activities alongside Charity and Mission Support Programme’s which are sometimes Traditional, sometimes Innovative, sometimes Charismatic, sometimes Conservative, often Outreaching and Community minded, and ever expressing a thankfulness for the privilege of living in a place in which we can enjoy freedom of expression, fellowship and worship.We hope that in reading the following pages you will find something which will interest and inspire and just maybe occasionally amuse you.

We've done our best to make acknowledgement of, and reference to, the Authors and their Publications, websites and various other resources which have been a rich source of much of the detail included here-in.

The bracketed [ ] paragraphs of text and the number (0) which follows it are referenced at the end of the event to which they relate. But there came a light better and brighter and nobler and more enduring than any that had emanated from either pagan or pseudo-Christian Rome.

[Although it is true that Columba is the most well-known Scottish saint and arguably the most important from Dal Riata, (Dal Riata was a Gaelic kingdom on the western coast of Scotland, 'then Pictland', and also included part of Ulster in Northern Ireland), he wasn't the first Christian missionary in Scotland. St Ninian's mission, which began among the Strathclyde Britons, was directed to the Picts who were the principal of all peoples of Scotland from Hadrian's wall to the Pentland Firth. That light was non other than the Sun of Righteousness.

] (1) Although the territorial extent of pictland did reach northwards as far as Shetland there is no reliable record, discovered thus far, that ' St Ninian' himself ever walked or ministered in these islands. Connected to this settlement were numberless offshoots and dependent houses all united to one another by ties of fraternal affection and they considered themselves to be members of one family.

Before Columba left Ireland for Scotland, he visited Inishmurray on the west coast of Ireland to take counsel with Bishop Molaise.

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