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With a variety of options appearing for parts, Belsales in the UK became the first company to build WGP-certified aftermarket cockers, called "Evolution" in 1993.

Throughout the remainder of the 1990s, dozens of shops ranging from large notables such as Dave Youngblood Enterprises (Dye), Shocktech, Planet Eclipse, Belsales and Free Flow down to small one man pro-shop operations made a business of servicing and customizing Autocockers with price tags of nearly 00 for high-end models.

"Classic" Autococker models retain some popularity with recreational players, some of whom "revert" the design back to the pump-action "Sniper" concept for use in pump play.

Ok, I just picked this marker up from one of the local guys around me and he's not sure what kind this is. What it has: DYE barrel UNIREG violator reg Hogue grip and thats all i know about it. I didn't even think to size it up and compare with my other autococker that I have.

The known gun is an 02 WGP vert feed and most of the body lines line up almost exact in the front.

The bolt redirects the gas behind the paintball, propelling it out the barrel.

2) The re-cocking cycle – Once the paintball is fired, three things must happen in order to return the marker to a "ready" state: 1) the hammer must be pulled back so that it re-engages the sear and re-compresses the spring, 2) the bolt must be pulled back so that another paintball can fall from the feed tube into the breech, and 3) the bolt must be pushed forward after the paintball is loaded to close the breech.

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