Battlefield 2 profile not updating

But if you were expecting Star Wars Battlefront 2 update 1.3 to include their return, you’re not going to find them.

If the number of players is suspiciously low, then it is likely that you are not the only one who is experiencing problems with the game. A: Move, rename, or delete "dinput8.dll" from your BFBC2 game folder. A: If you are getting the disconnected message, you might be trying to connect to a full server, this is a bug, and will be fixed in the near future. Q: I am missing some files or the game shows me the the following error: A: Install the following libraries: ... “We have also made major improvements to our games stability and performance across all platforms to make the gameplay experience better for everyone.“Rest assured, we will focus strongly on improving the game based on the feedback we get from everyone in our community in our upcoming patches.“So, stay tuned, and if you have the time to give us your feedback on our official forums, we really appreciate it.”It should be noted that like mentioned above, this new update does not contain any real multiplayer balancing, meaning that more patches will be released quite soon.The P-Stats Network provides several websites and services around game and player statistics.Q: Why does it say that the EA server is unavailable but the website says it's online? We probably already know it's broke and it should be resolved soon. Q: Why does my game close-out without warning when joining a server? Q: How do I add friends or check my server history? The experience is calculated separately than levels, so after you level up you might get your original level back. Otherwise, we can't help you, since there are no backup copies of the database. A: You did not extract the server hook (dinput8.dll) into your game directory.

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