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They have it all covered on this fine Rio travel guide. Escort mall for Goiania in the Central-West region of the country.

Their acompanhantes are divided into loiras and morenas (light and dark body complexion).

Browsing their acompanhantes photos is like previewing the newest edition of Playboy magazine.

Very tasteful and erotic South Brazilian companions. BTW, 041 is the local prefix for long distance calls to the metro area in case you wondered about the name of this scort mall.

There are so many like Amanda Ventura, Mnica Mattos and Bruna Ferraz. Portfolios of companions who serve customers in Rio de Janeiro.

It's loaded with good semi-nude photos of seductive tan-lined garotas de programa.

It is a fact, because Brazilians like to use a condom rather than exercise abstinence.

In many countries escorts are not that good looking and in most cases they hide behind blurry images. Observing this escort portal for Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo is similar to turning pages of a lingerine cataloge or a new swimsuit edition.

Brasilian companions present themselves, their gorgeous bodies and appeal to dirty fantasies with pleasure.

If you understand Portuguese this forum will help to locate escorts and know about their special services.

Optionally, use online translators to make sense out of it.

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