Camera live arabic

Thanks to SAT-7 ARABIC, 95 percent of the region’s population can turn on their television and find the very thing most needed in their troubled region: hope.

Just as the needs of each viewer vary, SAT-7 ARABIC’s programming ranges from teaching programs to documentaries and films, and from church services to live discussion shows.

Moving/stationary ANPR Cameras (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) captures licence plates of moving vehicles.

Typically mounted in polce cars and other law enforcement authrities.

Seekers find answers; isolated believers find fellowship; lonely women find companionship; refugees find healing.

Since 1996, SAT-7 ARABIC has been a positive influence on Middle Eastern society, making the Gospel available to millions of people and addressing social issues from a Christian perspective.

The system consists of key components such as ANPR Software, ANPR Cameras.

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