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it is a .22 caliber and has the model golden 39A stamped in gold on the barrel. He is also ill and is wanting to sell some of them. I received a Marlin Glenfield Model 60 with serial #70178817.

I know it was made in 1970 and I have read that the Glenfield name indicates it was made for a chain or mass-merchandise store.

Is there any way to determine exactly what store based on the serial number?

I guess I am confused about the difference between a regular Marlin and a Marlin Glenfield that were both made in the same year.

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If I remember correctly, the older models did not have a safety. Originally Posted by hombre Oddly, the next 3 numbers are my company number from basic. Yes, my password is: In the interim, drop by our club and hang out.

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Created in the heart of Lakeland, the hot-pressed blended Virginias take on a delicious and distinctive dark colour that creates a pipe smokers dream, a feeling of calm, serenity and anticipation of the next pipeful. But it is gone now, and so I begin a quest for my Holy Grail: A substitute to replace the standard on which all English tobaccos are based: If you search here for the tobacco with the most 4 star reviews you have Full Virginia Flake.

It stands for John Marlin, the founder of the company. Thanks Regnier, I am fairly new to this lever action thing but I am surely enjoying this 1895. I have a friend that has a golden 39 A in the box never fired.

I have been thinking about buying from him but not sure what they're worth. I think his brother used to own a gun store many years ago and recently died leaving him these guns.

They accomplished neither, while their mortality rate due to disease, starvation, & Indian warfare approached 70%.

What saved the remaining intrepid souls and their colony at Jamestown? Seedlings from the Caribbean blossomed in the inviting Virginia soil & climate and Virgina-Type tobacco was born. Sometimes we try too hard, and seek too fiercely, that which has always been.

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