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Now I am going to go set up for your punishment I will come get you when it’s time.I returned a short time later and said to her, ok I am going out tonight I will be home by 11, meaning you will have a 4 hour punishment but I may extend your punishment into tomorrow. I then untied her and took her gag out and she walked downstairs.Baby, I have some news for you she said as I walked into her bedroom. Ok my little whore in order to conserve water I want you to lick every one of these dishes clean.Once again my parents will be going on a cruise for the entire month of July just like last year. I am going to give you one hour until to get them done. I gave her the hour and walked in and still saw her licking. I examined the dishes and discovered that they were barely clean. Over the next two weeks I carefully devised a plan of just how the month will go and some of the different things I planned to do to her. Just putting the finishing touches on it I told her. I got dressed and once again taped the vibrator to her pussy. Concerned for her safety I ripped the tape off her mouth and said baby what’s wrong. Down to your bucket then come back upstairs for dinner. By the way I forgot to tell you that you won’t be using the toilet all month. Without saying a word she went downstairs and then quickly returned for dinner. I will not put your hands behind your back but don’t try anything cute or your hands will never see the front again for this month understand? After teasing her pussy some more I finally stuck my cock in her and had sex. It was approaching after I was satisfied I removed her blindfold and told her that she would remain tied to the bed until dinner time. With that I took mercy on her and I didn’t want her to stain my bed and I took the vibrator off and untied her from the bed and cuffed her hands in front.After that was done I secured a collar around her neck and connected the collar to the ceiling via a chain.There my little slut now you are totally immobilized.

I then tightly cuffed her hands before securing the shackles around her ankles. That number could grow to 6 or 7 days depending on my mood and your behavior and the number of whippings could grow as well. Finally, while in your cell, you will be given a bucket to pee in as well as a dog dish full of water that I will refill from time to time. These clothes will be burned as will all of your other slutty clothes. There will be days when I will not be using you and you will remain in your cell all day. You will be whipped at least 5 days a week, 10 times on both your back and front. Now I am going to use these scissors to get you out of all of these clothes. In fact you will probably spend about 90% of your time naked over this next month. I returned a few minutes later carrying scissors as well as ropes. I am only to be called master when you are speaking to me go it? There will be sometimes when I will have you outside your cell where I will be having you wear different outfits that I bought for you but not much.

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