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The use of the turing Test has been very controversial The test was not intended to test a machine’s intelligence, only that a machine behaves and acts like a human being would when faced with the same situations.As not all human behavior is intelligent, the Turing Test would also test for behaviors like lying, making typing mistakes, or responding to insults.Type /msg chatbot help in chat for a list of the things that chatbot can do for you.She has her own webpage, from which you can download her code and run your own bot, if you so desire.Another reason that intelligence is omitted from the test is that machines are far more likely to solve complex mathematical problems that would be impossible (or nearly impossible) for a human to solve.Well, to put it bluntly, we've got a long way to go before we can consider a chatbot a truly thinking individual.Next to the macro number of your choice, type /msg chatbot roll $$ in games. When you are ready to roll, type /1 1d10 in chat, while substituting the number of whichever macro you used for /1.With the advent of chatbots, many people are having trouble distinguishing if who they're talking to on the Internet is a bot or, in fact, human. It was designed to test the ability of a machine to exhibit intelligent, humanlike behavior.

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This phenomenon is not new — consider Apple’s Siri, the mother of modern bots. Let’s assume that bots are in fact a new trend and every company in the world will develop one or two — or a hundred, one for every marketing activity. The chatbots will talk to you, send you emojis, stickers, funny cat pictures, and links.Turing predicted that by the year 2000, machines would be able to fool 30% of human judges, but this feat took much longer than anticipated.As of 2017, no machines have truly passed the Turing Test, but there have been claims that a chatbot by the name of Eugene Goostman passed the test in 2014 by fooling 33% of the judges involved into believing he was a human being.And it’s just the tip of the iceberg: Cybersecurity issues are right there.Chatbots are a goldmine for social engineering and crime; they analyze people’s behavior and learn from it. Chatbots are a two-way street: When you’re talking to one, it is learning fast, and with the right settings it can learn not only to be more effective in talking to you, but also to copy your behavior to talk with third parties.

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