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She was really funny, bubbly girl.'She was off dancing and having a great time.She introduced me to an Indian guy who she knew from last year and said she was going to help find her a place to stay.'He was one of the five guys with her but I got a weird vibe from this guy who I guess is Bhagat and not even in retrospect - right at that time.advising you them as their product is really strong and good. We have recently returned from our 3 week holiday to Goa.if you need anymore information or need the contacts please do not hesitate to call on me or contact me directly on my yahoo id. whatever you do or wherever you may go, do things that are safe. I had been before and loved the place which is why we decided to have a big family holiday and go again however after booking i was slighly apprehensive about taking our young son. Everyone is very friendly and i took with me every medicine you could think of and i didnt need any of them. would advise you to carry your babies food, milk,medicines etc- whatever is the daily needs. Purchase water and check the bottle if properly sealed.There are good food joints and could also give you contacts if you want a taxi to take you about as my brother in law is into it. India is a country of great contrasts, with something fascinating around every corner.

i could even give you contacts of doctors just incase you need one.carry your sun tan lotions, a mosquito bite lotion.dont go for anything electric as at times there is no electric current(but also depends on the Hotel facilities) You could buy a baby chair harness from as you will rarely find a high chair.The photos show Danielle Mc Laughlin in a bikini top standing behind a group of tourists in a bar at the popular beach resort of Palolem.An hour later she is believed to have left the party on a scooter with her alleged killer.

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