Helen hunt and paul reiser dating

It was my first love.”Reiser loves the simplicity of stand-up. Carol Burnett -- her attention to detail and props. She’s giving it this thought."Reiser said he had an affinity for the older generation of performers. The idea for the film came from Reiser watching his own father laugh at a Falk movie."We go out to dinner with Falk, and my wife said, 'That’s your father.' I had a deep emotional connection," Reiser said.

"We grew up watching these people, and we’re playing with them on our home field. "Peter Falk was the only actor I was ever nuts for."Reiser wrote "The Thing About My Folks," a 2005 comedy-drama in which Falk played his father.

That same year, Hunt landed her longest-lasting acting assignment to date, as the co-star of the Paul Reiser-created comedy series Mad About You.

During the show's seven-year run, she won both Emmy and Golden Globe awards for her portrayal of Jamie Buchman.

Hunt played a supportive mother in Soul Surfer (2011), an inspirational drama based on the true tale of a surfer who returned to the sport after tragically losing an arm.

In 2012 she played a sex surrogate helping a man in an iron lung lose his virginity for director Ben Lewin in The Sessions, a part that earned her rave reviews and an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

After Mad About You ended in 1999, Hunt appeared in films by several veteran directors, including Robert Zemeckis (Cast Away [2000]), Robert Altman (Dr.

T and The Women [2000]), and Woody Allen (The Curse of the Jade Scorpion [2001]). In 2005, Hunt joined the star-studded cast of HBO's two-part miniseries Empire Falls in the role of Janine, ex-wife of Miles (Ed Harris), the story's central character.

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The story follows a Philadelphia schoolteacher (Hunt) whose long-lost birth mother (Bette Miller) reappears at just as her daughter is careening into a midlife crisis.

She appeared in an episode of The Simpsons as Moe's girlfriend at a time when she was dating Hank Azaria, who provides the voice of Moe.

She co-starred with Mel Gibson in the 2000 romantic comedy film What Women Want.

After taking on her first adult role in the 1982 sitcom It Takes Two, Hunt's film assignments improved, with sizable roles in Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985), Peggy Sue Got Married (1986), Project X (1987), Next of Kin (1989), and The Waterdance (1991).

She also gained a small measure of cult status by appearing in a brace of science fiction films, including Trancers II (1991) and Trancers III (1992).

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