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Normally she was grumpy and not very pleasant in the mornings.

Well to be honest¦she was never very nice to him in the first place, not since he was caught jerking off in her panties, then made to expose all his sissy secrets to her.

She had told him a long time ago what it was made of, but he barely remembered, as it was mainly vitamins, drugs, hormones etc, stuff he didnt really want to know about.

Then of course was the bottles of Sissy Formula that followed and that he drank throughout most of day.

His mommy, wheeled the medical rack, holding a full red bag, containing his breakfast, beside him.

She connect the tube to the feeding gag, which was 4 long black rubber penis, which straps that strapped behind his head. The pasty, oatmeal like gruel he was forced to suck down tasted horrible.

But he didnt fuss, he obeyed, it was always easy to obey and please mommy and maybe this was the fruits of his labors, maybe just maybe¦she would start taking it easier on him, god he would just love to cum! What were you so lost in thought about anyway, hhmm?

 She asked yet still being soft and teasingly nice, as she strapped his ankles and wrists to the high chair.

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He couldnt remember the last time she had been so nice in waking him up, heck he couldnt remember the last time she was no nice to him at all.

Of course, he wasnt even sure what day it was, dates and times was all useless information now.

But strangely he found it even difficult to think of such things¦ the only thing that seemed to constantly run through his mind was how much he loved and wanted to obey his mommy.

But as she was busy, he tried to look over at a calendar, but it seemed like his eye sight had slipped, as he couldnt even make out what month it was¦ it looked like March, or was it May¦ He grew more and more uncomfortable, as he sat in his full diaper.

His stomach rumbling in hunger, knowing the pancakes he smelled wasnt what he was going to be eating.

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