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The woman was photographed on the bridge in the moments after the attack but the man who took the picture, Jamie Lorriman told the woman was clearly “traumatised” and “visibly distressed”.He said she was just one of hundreds fleeing the bridge, trying to avoid looking at the “horror surrounding them.” “Her behaviour was completely in line with everyone else on the bridge, but you're not assuming others are callously ignoring the scenario,” he said.One major success of her candidacy as leader of the Conservative Party was the deportation of Abu Qatada, a move almost blocked by the Human Rights Convention. In doing this, she gave us a clear message: there is one rule for white people in Theresa May’s Britain, and another for the Muslims that reside there.In that case, May was scornful of the meddling HRC. As she aims to prove herself the Iron Lady of modern day Britain, I fear that Theresa May’s track record as Home Secretary will result in the extended isolation and denigration of the British Muslim community.It is the mandatory presence of Prevent officers in public spaces, acting effectively as spies, which alienates Muslims, rather than anything to do with their religion.May claims that she has “strengthened the response” to terrorism since becoming Home Secretary, resulting in a safer country for everyone, but she really just made fewer British Muslims identify as culturally British.When it was announced that she was to become Prime Minister by default, I pictured 3 million British Muslims on an iceberg being violently prodded by May to move further away from their faith.

The policies that arose from this bill taped shut the mouths of Muslim university students to voice their opinions in lectures and seminars for fear of being deemed extremist, making a mockery of that “British value” of freedom of speech.The trolls are believed to work around from 8am-8pm Moscow time (5am- 5pm UK time) to churn out hundreds of thousands of tweets designed to spread political disharmony in western countries such as the US and the UK and encourage the rise of populist politicians or causes.Many tweets mocked the warnings of the Remain campaign, which said the country faced years of economic uncertainty and a potential recession if it voted to leave, with memes such as one which said: “If you Brexit your car won’t start in the morning”.It was also one of a number of accounts which tweeted pro-Brexit messages on the day of the EU referendum in June last year.The accounts are believed to have been written by staff at the Internet Research Centre in St Petersburg.

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