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The city also has huge swaths of futurist buildings, including the Pontsteiger, a glass and ceramic apartment complex that looks like a chair with an open back rising from the sea.And the floating homes in Amsterdam’s Steigereiland (Jetty Island) are as breathtaking as ever. The average price of an apartment is 4,500, and single-family homes run about 1,000. Amsterdam is a mecca for multinational companies like Adidas, Cisco, Heineken, and Tesla.It's relatively easy for Americans to enter Germany, even without a visa, and then apply for a residence and work permit.But those with a college degree and in-demand expertise (say, in computer programming) have the best chances of scoring one of those permits.

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Prospective expats need to make sure their destination of choice even them to buy a house. The median price for a place to live in the Chinese port city (including some so small—150 to 300 square feet—locals call them "gnat flats") is a whopping 7,900."The ideal city, in my view, is a place where you can afford a city apartment or nearby house, from which you can jump on a bike, bus, or streetcar to get to cultural and sports events," says Patricia Linderman, editor of Tales From a Small Planet, a magazine for expats.But be warned: It won't be easy for foreigners to buy into Mexico's beautiful coastal areas.Americans need to set up a bank trust first—and then you have the right to use, renovate, and sell your home, but a Mexican bank holds the title.The trust is valid for 50 years and then can be renewed for another 50. Americans can visit in Mexico for 180 days without a visa, but will need one for longer stays.Buying property in the country makes it easier to obtain a temporary resident visa for up to four years.

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