Updating firmware th 50px60u panasonic hdtv

If you repeatedly have to use that reset there is a problem with the TV's software.You could have a defect in the EEprom or the software is corrupt.Then you have to replace the TV's main board and that is a lot more expensive than a free firmware update. If none is available, it really is FASTER to exchange it at the store than wait for a Panasonic authorized service provider to replace the board.The GOOD news, Panasonic stands by the quality of their product and because of that, have loaner TV sets they can loan you while waiting for parts. OK, I have updated the software and this did not resolve the problem but I have discovered another solution.Ok, with that information, the fact you can only turn it on with the Vol - button, Google "Panasonic Support". put your model number in and if there is a FIRMWARE update, that's the only way to actually rewrite the computer's software. I generally tell my customers to not update their Firmware unless they have a specific problem because if you SAVE your firmware and the TV's firmware does get corrupted, you have something that can re-write it !And what if they never need to update the firmware?Replaced these gases leakages capacitors will get ur tv power stable,and work again.Or tries websites like Shopjimmy.com, to buy a whole refurbish power supply board for the replacement.

To me, that's the right thing to do and the store should be more than happy to exchange a defective new TV for one that works. However I have found on the web the other solution that did the trick.How can I force reset Panasonic Viera to factory settings?I just completed the first time setup on new TC-P50STW50.I am recently in Germany and still almost do not speak German, while most of the locals are not very comfortable with English.Anyways, I think I am fine now since waiting for 2 seconds before TV starts is a negligible inconvenience. But it's kind of a bummer that the TV has been affected.

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