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In doing so, however, Trent earned himself the nickname "the Prince of Pain" for a reason, having endured record label swindling, corrupt management, alcohol and drug addiction, betrayal of his protégé Marilyn Manson and the sexual advances of Courtney Love.Twenty-five years after he began his ascent, Trent Reznor finds himself working two different projects: the debut album by How To Destroy Angels, the post-industrial act he shares with his wife and Oscar-winning collaborator, and the welcome return of Nine Inch Nails, which he has "reinvented from scratch." 1965 to 1982 Michael Trent Reznor is born in Mercer, PA, just north of Pittsburgh.1983 to 1988 After a year of studying Computer Engineering at Allegheny College in Meadville, Trent drops out and moves to Cleveland, OH.He takes a job at Pi Keyboards and learns computer systems, MIDIs and sequencers.He tells Access magazine that the name "lasted the two-week test, looked great in print, and could be abbreviated easily. It seemed kind of frightening." They tour Europe with Skinny Puppy to poor reviews.1989 to 1991 Although many labels show interest, Nine Inch Nails sign with Chicago indie label TVT.Throbbing Gristle could never have imagined selling 30 million records when they invented the term "industrial music" in 1976.Then again, neither could 11-year-old Trent Reznor, who was attending elementary school in small town Pennsylvania at the time.

The album is released on October 20, 1989 and Gottlieb reportedly dismisses it as "a complete abortion." Pretty Hate Machine will go on to become one of the first independent albums to go platinum in the U. and eventually sells more than three million copies. The last few years have been a little darker than the rest.

He'll later tells Details that the band was "Foreigner crap…dinosaur AOR bullshit rock." In 1985 he joins Exotic Birds, a synth-pop group as keyboardist, programmer and backing vocalist, managed by John Malm, who will continue to manage Trent for years to come.

Not long after, future collaborator and friend Chris Vrenna joins on drums and they soon become roommates.

His parents, Nancy Lou and Michael Reznor Sr., divorce and Trent, as he's called, moves in with his maternal grandparents, while his infant sister Tera lives with his mom.

At age five he begins taking classical piano lessons.

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